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If you want to contribute content to the Maldivian Marine Biodiversity Wiki, you need an user account that you can request at Certain rules and conventions should be followed in order to keep the wiki organized.


Images should be uploaded in the same ratio (4 x 3) if at all possible to ensure a simple formatting. The photos should be cropped to the organism of interest. Be sure you own the rights on the images you upload. Photo credit can and should be given under the images, you can also enter the photographer's name in the Media Manager. Note that all content of the wiki is licenced under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 unless noted otherwise.

In general, each species should have few photos, ideally one overview and one detail image, especially for corals. Please only replace images of organisms if you can provide a photo of better quality.

Please add a prefix on the image name before uploading (e.g. “didemnum_molle_img_1406.jpg”). In the Media Manager use the following settings to add an image of a species to a page:

Species Identifications

The aim of the wiki is to build a biodiversity resource. Please provide species identification as accurate as possible, but on the other hand also only to the taxonomic level that you feel comfortable. Misidentifications, if discovered should be corrected. Please leave a note under “Edit summary” in the edit mode of a page to document the change of species names.

Each species entry should include a link to a taxonomic reference rather than to include and maintain this information in the wiki itself. For most marine organisms the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) is the best choice. For fish species, please refer entries to fishbase.

Example of a typical species entry

Wiki syntax:


//Leucetta chagosensis// [[|WoRMS]]

{{:invertebrates:leucetta_chagosensis_img_1725.jpg?300|}} {{:invertebrates:leucetta_chagosensis_gw3719_gw3716.jpg?300|}}


Appearence in wiki:

Some infos about the organization of the wiki

The wiki includes different namespaces. This is required to be able to use modified sidebars. Currently, the namespaces corals, invertebrates and vertebrates are included. When images are uploaded, they are added to the current namespace (i.e. the namespace you activated the Media Manager from).

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